Research Interests

Construction of public toilets in the Indian village

I am active in academic research and publishing relating to WASH and I am currently working with colleagues at different universities on the topics below:

Sanitation workers and intersectionality

In collaboration with Dr. Sally Cawood (Lancaster University), Dr. Mariam Zaqout (UCL) and Prof. Barbara Evans, I published a journal paper on the need for equity and inclusion debates in the WASH sector to engage further with the rights of sanitation workers. I published a blog with Sally in March 2021 which explores the role of artificial intelligence in eliminating manual scavenging in India and Bangladesh for

I was on the organising committee for the first Sanitation Workers Forum in November 2021. The organising committee comprised of volunteer MSc, PhD students, researchers and professionals based in the UK, USA and India working on and passionate about the topic of sanitation labour. Organisational partners include the Initiative for Sanitation Workers, a collaborative partnership for global advocacy on sanitation workers between ILO, WaterAid, WHO, World Bank and SNV. I contributed to the ‘In conversation with…’ video series discussing the importance of intersectionality in sanitation labour rights, which is available to watch on Youtube.

Providing water in shared toilets for menstruating women and girls in India

In collaboration with Prof. Mona Iyer, Faculty of Planning, CEPT University, Ahmedabad, and Prof. Meera Mehta, Prof. Dinesh Mehta, Aasim Mansuri and Jigisha Jaiswal, Center for Water and Sanitation at CEPT University, Ahmedabad, I am currently writing a journal paper. This paper will aim to discuss the need to provide water for menstruating women and girls in shared urban toilets in the context of the ongoing Swachh Bharat Mission activities in India.

Water heritage in India

In early 2023, I conducted some formative fieldwork to explore the challenges of sustaining water heritage in the Ahmedabad area of India. As part of this work I visited Adalaj Stepwell to inform two blogs for the Rural Water Supply Network about what we can learn from past relationships between rural communities and ancient water points and explored what lies ahead for India’s stepwells in the future. I also conducted a visit to Sarkhej Roza in Ahmedabad to look at the threats of urbanisation in India for water heritage sites. I am keen to expand this area of work in future.